Monday, November 16, 2009

The Direct Impact of United Way

This summer a Mother and her children came to the front desk of The Carlisle Family YMCA. They had a simple request … would we please allow them to take a shower? The staff member on duty realized they were in great need and gave them towels to use and access to our showers. Afterwards she struck up a conversation with the mother and learned that Mom had brought her family to Carlisle with the hope of a fresh start. Unfortunately, she was having trouble finding a place to live without a job …she needed a safe place for her children while she searched for work … and they were currently living in their car because Mom was almost out of money.

The YMCA staff member told her about our camp scholarship program funded through United Way contributions. Her current situation made her children eligible to receive scholarships to attend one of our summer camp programs. She could register the kids for camp and they could make friends and have fun while Mom looked for a job. She registered them that very day.

The staff member also referred Mom to other United Way agencies that could help them …. Safe Harbour for temporary housing for her family ….and My Brother’s Table and Project Share for nutritious meals. Mom was incredibly grateful for the help that was available to her family during their time of need because of your contributions to the United Way Campaign.

Can you imagine the positive impact United Way funding had on this family? Can you imagine the outcome of this story if there wasn’t United Way funding to support these services?

The Carlisle Family YMCA is just one of the many United Way agencies who each day, provide basic and necessary services to people in need.

Your contributions to United Way gave this story a happy ending. The kids had a great summer, Mom found a job and also an apartment for the family.

Stories like this one, which I witness every day, are why I give to the United Way Campaign. I urge you to give generously to the United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County. I thank you on behalf of all those people whose lives you will touch through your generosity.

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