Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wellness Resolutions

At the Carlisle Family YMCA, we talk often about wellness. We promote it, we facilitate it, we embody it. But, what do we really mean? According to, wellness is defined as, "the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, esp. as the result of deliberate effort." I like this particular definition because it highlights the correlation between a healthy body and mind. Again, we feel that this synergy between a healthy mind, healthy body, and a healthy spirit is best cultivated in community.

In 2010, you'll see even more opportunities to participate in programming that weaves together a focus on developing the body while also developing the mind and spirit. For example, the Mom's Night Out program partners a sampling of group fitness classes with discussion time led by local professionals relating to issues that moms face (relationships, family, finances). Our Healthy Family Home Program allows for families to participate in group activities (Family Double Dare Challenge) while also providing tips and resources for families to make their homes healthier in practical ways. The Motherwell series offers physical fitness activities that include opportunities for new moms to connect and even BYOB (bring your own baby)!

This isn't a commercial for programs. Instead, it's a reflection of how important community becomes in many aspects of our lives. During this New Year, take advantage of the many opportunities at the Y to make new friends, serve others, build up someone else, and receive support and encouragement from your Y community.